Being a sponsor

At some point during your recovery, you may consider becoming a sponsor. Each sponsorship relationship is totally unique and as a result, there are no set ‘rules’ or ‘right or wrong’ ways to do things. 

Some sponsors work in a very structured way with reading tasks and daily calls whereas some are there for support in a more casual way leaving the opportunity to reach out for advice to the sponsee. In 12 step recovery, a sponsor can also be someone who guides you through the 12 steps.

A sponsor's main role is to guide someone through the steps - it is important a sponsor remembers this. They are not there to be a friend but to pass on the knowledge they have of recovery.

There are some qualities that can mean sponsorship is a great role for you:

  • If you are patient, understanding, compassionate and can give the gift of time

  • Willing to share your experience, strength, and hope

  • Use your own moral compass to guide you; individual personalities are what make some sponsorships so strong

  • Strive for progress, not perfection 

Interested in knowing more about becoming a sponsor? Get in touch with the team, we’d love to chat and point you in the right direction.

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