Coffee Training with Rounton Coffee Roasters

On Monday 27th January members of The Fork In The Road team travelled over to Rounton Coffee Roasters HQ to complete their coffee training! 

It is important to us as Fork adopts a cafe style that the staff have professional development opportunities and that they feel confident serving high-quality drinks we know you'll love.

The morning started off with Head of Training, Tom chatting to the group about why Rounton Coffee source coffee the way they do. It's important for them as a business to be able to give back to the farmers who work so hard across the world to grow the beans that are eventually ground into our cups at home. 

One of the reasons we wanted to work with Rounton Coffee is because of our similar values - both organisations value people and opportunity above all. Did you know they created our Recovery Roast blend that we take out on the coffee bike twice a week? 

The Fork team then went on to be taught how to steam milk correctly, how to dial in a grinder and what the perfect shot of espresso should look and taste like. They then got to make some of the drinks themselves under guidance so that they could ask questions and gain valuable skills. 

The highlight of the morning was involving the whole front of house team in choosing their new house blend, getting to cup three different coffees blind and pick their favourite which was a new experience for all of them! 

We look forward to working with Rounton Coffee and other local businesses as our social enterprise grows.