Coping with anxiety

It's easy to get lost in a sea of bad news, negative thought patterns and feel fed up, especially in January 2021 when we've just started Lockdown 3.

We've put together a few tips for soothing anxiety that don't cost the world and have been proven to work. You can also connect with your peers via our Virtual Community Timetable (find it pinned to the top of our blog feed) and contact us directly for 1-2-1 support.


Shortness of breath is a common symptom of anxiety and box-breathing can have a positive impact - it cues the body into calming down. 

Try it:

Breath in for four seconds

Hold for four seconds

Breath out for four seconds

Hold for four seconds


Naming emotions

We often jump to broad terms to describe our emotions: happy, sad, angry. Emotions have many different levels, as does anxiety, and trying to be more specific in naming your emotions can help you understand and overcome them. Are you 'sad', or would 'frustrated', 'disconnected' or 'isolated' describe how you're feeling better?

Regular exercise

You don't have to go for a 5-mile run or cycle across town and back, exercise in any form can be beneficial to both mental and physical health. Why not try going for a short walk after breakfast?

Read good news

Watching/reading the news definitely isn't the happiest place to be right now. It's important to be up to date with the latest guidance and news, but too much can cause overwhelm. Try balancing out your news reading with good news too. Try websites like and - they're full of great news stories from across the world. The Happy Newspaper even publishes every 3 months! 

If you're struggling, please reach out for support. Our community team are available to offer support and advice, and our virtual timetable is open to attend.

01642 351976