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Coping with change

In the last year we’ve all experienced more than our fair share of change.

In the last year we’ve all experienced more than our fair share of change. As a route out of lockdown has been announced, it’s inevitable that there is more to come.

Change can be difficult, and it’s useful to be prepared and develop some coping strategies for when changes arise, and remember it’s okay to take everything at your own pace.

You often won’t be able to control the change itself so the key to coping with change is to be in control of your response to it as much as possible. 

Limit your screen time

When something changes in the world, everyone has an opinion, a theory and a plan of action. It can be overwhelming to hear what everyone else has to say when you’re still trying to process things yourself. Try limiting your screen time, and making sure you focus on factual news, rather than negative sources of information.

Connect with others

Sharing how you feel takes a weight off your shoulders. At the moment, the way we connect with others has been limited, but attending our virtual community groups, checking in on friends and meeting up with people locally and safely in line with latest guidelines can support a sense of community and help you feel less alone.


This doesn’t have to mean doing the same things at exactly the same time every day, but creating a structure to work through during the day. This could be scheduling a 10 minute walk after lunch or even just having meals at similar times. 

If you’re feeling apprehensive about upcoming changes, please reach out for support to us, or other organisations. 

01642 351976 

By : Recovery Connections