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Get into Recovery by John Elford

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It’s been a tough time, but we’re good at tough, us folks in recovery that is. 

Forced into isolation when I know that vital to my recovery is connection with others, connection with a group of like-minded people and the sharing of our combined journeys to stay drink or drug free. I have the advantage of many years of doing this and resilience has built up - I no longer need to white knuckle it to stay well. But of course maintaining my wellbeing is subject to my helping others, newcomers or those going through difficult times and keeping my self spiritually and mentally fit. 

What do I do? Well thank the powers that be (higher or technical) for the invention of the internet and especially platforms on which we can host live meetings and still talk to each other, all be it through a screen.

Before I go into how online meetings have worked out for me and those close to me I need to spend a little time on my personal recovery - maintaining my wellbeing is a daily task, one that is no longer a struggle as practicing this stuff every day for multiple years has it well and truly embedded. Of course I still have to put effort into my recovery but it is now a joy and life is good. Waking up hangover free and with no feeling of impending doom is a blessing, I’m still a bit of a grumpy sod in the mornings and years of trying to tackle that hasn’t changed it much - I’m just not a morning person - but what I am now is a grumpy morning person with purpose, belief and direction. I’m excited as to what the day will bring and with my recovery buddies around me I can tackle life head on without it crushing me like it used to. 

Many of my friends, myself included, started online meetings with a mutter and a groan “this will never replace meetings” and of course to a certain extent it hasn’t. But its been a wonderful thing (how many times do I need reminding not to project negatively) from a tentative start, and the usual struggle with technology, online meetings have blossomed into great occasions made even better by the ability of people to link up all around the world. Now there are meetings almost 24 hours a day that those with a desire to get well can attend freely. I think they are here to stay and will continue in addition to physical meetings when they resume. I need to keep in mind that isolation, and I don’t just mean physically but emotionally and spiritually, is not good for my condition and that I need to do stuff on a daily basis to maintain my wellbeing. 

I’m hosting an AA zoom meeting on Sundays at 5pm and it would be great to see more faces there (please be patient I can’t see everyone at once when it comes to putting a hand up for sharing) here’s the link 

Meeting ID: 850 2121 5245 Passcode: 031827.

Remember it’s the bunny rabbits that trip us up and rarely the elephants.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

By : Recovery Connections