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Grounding techniques

Grounding can be a useful exercise for reducing anxiety and distress.

Grounding can be a useful exercise for staying in the present moment and helping to reduce anxiety and feelings of distress. For those in recovery, they can also be used in triggering situations and as a distraction if needed.

We’ve put together three of our favourite techniques, but there are many more scattered across the internet if you want to find some of your own.

The 5 Senses

What can you hear?

What can you touch?

What can you smell?

What can you taste?

What can you see?

While you list a few things for each sense, breath in for 3 seconds through your nose and out for three seconds through your mouth. Continue until you feel calmer.


Distracting your mind onto something that isn’t emotionally driven can help to calm your mind. For example, picking a colour and seeing how many different shades of that colour you can see from where you are or counting backwards from 100 by 7: 100, 93, 86 etc. 

Hold something and really focus on it

Pick something up close to you, hold it in your hand and really bring your full focus to it. Where does the light hit it? What does it feel like on your fingertips? Is it just one colour or many? How heavy or light is it?

This technique can work with any object but some people find it helpful to carry an object in their bag or purse when leaving the house to call upon when using this technique. It could be anything from a small crystal to a keyring. 

If you have any grounding techniques of your own that help you please share them with us - they could make a huge difference to someone else! 

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By : Recovery Connections