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Guest blog - Kerri, Trauma Lead

Kerri is Trauma Lead for our new Trauma Counselling Service.

Hi! I am Kerri and I am Trauma Lead at Recovery Connections for the Trauma Counselling Service. My role involves developing the service and looking at how we can provide a trauma-informed counselling service and support people in recovery. My role covers Middlesbrough and Gateshead. 

In the time I have been a therapist I’ve done a lot of different work and roles to help empower people and help promote change and challenge stigma. I have worked with people who are struggling with various issues such as mental health, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual violence, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts and lots of other issues that people feel is or has impacted their ability to cope and move forward. 

As a Middlesbrough girl born and bred, it is important for me to help look after and support the people in the North East. The region often gets a lot of bad press, we have the worst statistics across the different areas of crime, violence against women, male suicide, mental health and children’s development. But we also have a lot of great things! People in the North East and the people I have worked with are brave, courageous and have overcome a lot of adversity to then help other people who are struggling. We have some fantastic services and I am proud to work for one of them. Working with people to help them recover from trauma, addiction and adversity.

I fully believe everyone has the right to be listened to. To be heard. For someone to bear witness to someone else’s suffering and distress and for it to be validated can be massively part of the healing process. If I can help be a part of someone’s healing, that for me is a great outcome. 

As someone who grew up in a world of alcohol addiction, mental health and domestic violence, it is important to me that people know that healing is possible. You are not defined by your experiences.

I want people to know that I see them. I hear them. I believe in them. 

Recovery from trauma and addiction is a journey. Not a destination. 

Quick facts:

Favourite food: Any carbs! Fellini’s lobster pasta or a Teesside Parmo (The Buck, The Apple Tree, Golden G’s do amazing parmos, FYI)

Favourite song: Bob Marley, Three Little Birds. 

Safe place: By water – river, lake sea… my favourite places to be!

By : Recovery Connections