Lockdown & Students in Recovery

Blog is below written by our Campus Recovery Worker. 

Lockdown has impacted everyone and the world has changed. For Recovery Connections it has meant that our community groups have moved online for the safety of everyone and a virtual timetable was created offering recovery meetings, yoga, choir, discos and much more. The lockdown has also meant that universities and colleges have closed meaning that another branch of Recovery Connections, Recovery Connections on Campus has had to move off campus.

Students working with Recovery Connections on Campus were contacted offering regular telephone support and use of the virtual timetable. Student welfare managers at the university and college were contacted to inform them that we were still offering support virtually as we recognised that the lockdown heightened risk for everyone, including students who may not have been able to return to their home thus being completely isolated or students who may have returned home to a dependent parent or guardian.  When contacting students, it was apparent that they had naturally formed their own support network among themselves which was amazing to hear because that is the backbone of our work; to mobilise a student-led community. Our students have amazed us with their resilience to maintain their recovery, some have been alone with the added pressure of university teaching changing to virtual lectures and upcoming exams and assignments.

As part of Recovery Connections offer during lockdown we have been providing free hot meals and food parcels to people who require it. We have delivered over 1000 meals in the community. As part of maintaining contact with one of our students, we have been delivering meals with the occasional social distanced chat. We received feedback stating that it really helped lift their mood and it was the first decent face to face chat in 6 weeks which affirmed the reason, why we do what we do. Who knows what the future holds but today our students are showing great resilience and growth throughout this difficult time. We can’t wait to be reunited with them.