Meet... Drew

Drew is the Community Team Lead in the Middlesbrough Team. His role involves leading Recovery Connections staff, Ambassadors and Volunteers in supporting people who access the service.

He also plays a big part in the development of our community timetable and facilitates some of our groups.

Drew feels like the Recovery Connections team are family: ‘I feel blessed. I get to come to the workplace and be part of a culture of honestly. We’re not perfect but we don’t pretend to be – it’s refreshing to be in a work environment that allows us to be okay with sometimes making mistakes and learning from them.

‘Being such a huge part of the community service means that I get to see first hand the progress and positive steps people take as they develop confidence as they learn more about themselves and what they are capable of.’

We asked Drew what advice he’d give to someone looking to begin their own recovery journey: ‘Be as honest as you are able to be. Be kind to yourself. Try and remain open-minded and remember that the best lessons are taught through previous mistakes.’

Something not many people know about Drew is he is a big fan of medieval British history. As a result, he has a ‘guilty pleasure’ for Phillipa Gregory Books!

If you require support from our team, call us on 01642 351976 or email