Meet... Emily

Emily is our Marketing and Communications Officer, based within the Middlesbrough team. Her role involves spreading the word about Recovery Connections in whatever way she can (you’ll most likely have seen her at our events and letting you know our latest goings on via social media) and marketing our social enterprise businesses.

Emily says that her favourite thing about working at Recovery Connections is the ability to be yourself: ‘The environment is non-judgemental – I’ve never had that in the workplace before. You feel comfortable to be loved and accepted for who you are, that’s a really special thing.

‘The people that work within the team are incredible and I get to see the work they do every day. My advice to someone wanting to begin their recovery journey is to trust. Trust yourself, trust the people supporting you, trust in the future.’

Something not many people know about Emily is that she’s an avid hiker – you can often find her up in the mountains of the Lake District on a weekend. She’s also a huge country music fan.

If you require support from our team, call us on 01642 351976 or email