Meet... Jen

Jen is the Service Manager of the Recovery Connections team up in Gateshead. Her role involves managing the service as a whole and ensuring that the service is the best it can be for the people we support as well as beneficial within our partnership with Gateshead Recovery Partnership.

Jen says: ‘Recovery Connections is a family; we can be so open, honest and supportive of each other.

‘We all come to work for the same reason – putting the people we support first.’

When we asked Jen what advice she’d give to someone looking to begin their recovery journey, she said: ‘You know you better than anyone so try everything and be confident in creating your own plan of recovery based on what’s right for you.

‘Recovery is different for everyone but it’s worth it – there is a different and better life waiting for you.’

Outside of work Jen LOVES unicorns (she even has a full blow up unicorn costume that the team got her as a present). She also enjoys scaring herself with horror films.

If you require support from our team, call us on 01642 351976 or email