Meet... John

John Elford is the designer of the Integrated Step Course used within our residential rehab and also developed our staff induction process and other elements of training. He spent a year with us delivering staff supervision as the programme became established. He still has a hand in the training of all our new staff and we still use his resources today.

John has two favourite things about working with Recovery Connections: ‘The feedback I receive regularly from people completing my course is fantastic to hear and the buzz that Recovery Connections generates in engaging in all sorts of projects is a great thing to be witness and be a part of.’

One piece of advice that John would give to someone looking to start their recovery journey is to try everything. He says nothing is as important as getting well, and recovery looks different for everyone so trying everything and anything helps you find your own path.

Something not many people may know about John is that at age 40, five years into recovery, he left his job and flew to Egypt to train and become a windsurf instructor, having never surfed before! 

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