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Recovery Talk – A Guide

You might be wondering what this platform will be used for and why it’s been created, and we’d like to give you a brief overview.

Firstly, thank you for visiting Recovery Talk – we really value every single member of the Recovery Connections community. 

You might be wondering what the platform will be used for and why it’s been created, and we’d like to give you a brief overview.

As those of you that have already used the service will know, we are big on connection and community here and Recovery Talk is intended to be a place where we can all come together.

Our blog will be updated regularly with everything from news and events to more in-depth information about some of the services we offer. Over time we will also build up success stories from people who have been through the service covering what their experience into recovery was like and what wellness looks like for them. 

Our social media is fed into this platform, allowing you to click through and keep up to date with our news and events. You might also have noticed the Community tab – this tab includes not only our daily groups and timetables but also a calendar of our events, so you never need to miss a Community Event, a graduation or a seasonal party!

If you want to create a login, you’ll be signing up to receive our monthly newsletters and you’ll also get access to a new page called ‘My Scrapbook’ allowing you to save all of the posts and stories you find useful so that you can go back to them any time. 

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about Recovery Talk, or you have any suggestions for how we can add to and improve the platform, please get in touch. 

We hope you enjoy using this platform – we look forward to having you as part of the Recovery Connections Family.  

By : Recovery Connections