Recovery to Wellness

Posted by JP Hall, Community Recovery Coach

Hello Everyone, hope you are all well! 

I would like to talk to you all about the Recovery To Wellness programme, available to all people accessing Recovery Connections community support. As a former user of the Recovery Connections community groups and then eventually the Residential Rehab I personally think the Recovery To Wellness programme is the best group Recovery Connections has had to offer.

The way the programme breaks down addiction, teaches you how your mind works and also about recovery coaching is amazing. Every time I go through the Recovery To Wellness programme I learn something new, with the great thing being I can use what I learn to forward my own recovery. The programme teaches you what chemical reactions happen in your brain when you use substances, the culture of addiction, the culture of recovery and also techniques on how to help yourself from not using. The programme runs on a twelve-week rota with three sessions a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have learned so much from this programme and it also teaches you coaching techniques. I have got to know myself better and also got good tips and tools on recognizing when I am having a struggle and how to help myself get out of that situation as well as reaching out to others. I really can not say how good the Recovery To Wellness programme is and how much it has helped me and others in our recovery.  

View full timetables for all localities here: 

Please take care, everyone, and stay safe and I hope to see you all at The Recovery To Wellness face to face group soon. 😀  

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