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Story 5

My addiction began when I left my ex-partner after 22 years.

My addiction began when I left my ex-partner after 22 years. During those years he had used mental torture on me and I used alcohol to cope. The last 6 months of the relationship I was drinking a 1L bottle a day.

I decided enough was enough and left my partner, moved out of the area I lived and moved to Middlesbrough. After talking to someone and explaining how much I was struggling, they told me about Recovery Connections.

For the past 5 years I have been receiving support on and off from Recovery Connections, CGL and Foundations. I hope to be volunteering for Recovery Connections soon - this will be a great challenge for me and a new door opening in my life.

Recovery is a long road. Recovery Connections provides wonderful support and is a great service to get into; I receive calls a few times a week to check in with me and see how I’m doing as well as encouraging me to engage with groups online which I’m trying to do. A member of the team also helped me enroll into a course at college. 

During COVID-19 recovery has been hard. I’ve relapsed a few times but continued to engage with peers and contact my key worker if I need extra support. Before COVID I used to go to groups within Recovery Connections every day and enjoyed the variation - they offer lots of groups from singing to flower arranging. The staff are all very friendly - I feel at home and welcome.

If you’d like to get involved with any of our groups or need some support, please get in touch with us. 

01642 351976

By : Recovery Connections