Veg Pledge 2020

You’ll have heard the phrase ‘eat your greens’ but did you know that eating fruit and vegetables can benefit mental wellbeing as well as physical wellbeing? 

This week is Veg Pledge Month - an awareness month set up by Cancer Research UK which helps raise funds and helps you make a positive difference to your health. You don’t have to raise money though, even raising awareness and making changes for a healthier lifestyle makes a huge difference! 

Eating more vegetables has multiple benefits:

Healthier diet

Eating lots (and we mean LOTS) of processed and red meat can increase your risks of certain diseases. Why not try and cut down? For you, this could look like eating two out of seven evening meals vegetarian every week. 

Boost your intake of high fibre foods

When you cut down on meat there’s more room on your plate for other delicious foods! High-fibre foods like vegetables, whole grains and pulses like lentils and beans is great for your digestive system.

Save money

Meat and fish are often the most expensive item in the shopping trolley. By cutting down you save money AND make a healthy change.

Learn some new recipes

There are so many delicious recipes out there to try, many of them now vegetarian - minus the meat doesn’t mean minus the flavour! We cook some of our favourites in our weekly cook-a-long at 2pm on Fridays, but you can find some great ones here:

If you want to make positive changes to your lifestyle, whether that includes food, sleep or something different, contact us or your key worker. We’re always here to advise and support.

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