What is it like to be a student in recovery?

Guest blog

Being a student and being in recovery from addiction is scary. A big part of university is socialising which is often through drinking and partying. For most students that is fine and fun but for me, it was different. My first time at university is where my drinking escalated and I eventually had to defer and leave. 

I took a break from education to get well and last year I felt ready to return to education. Society often portrays that people with an addiction are not capable academically, but we are. I know many people in my recovery community that have degrees, masters and some have PhDs. The beauty of Teesside University is that there is a small community of students in recovery from addiction on campus. They meet weekly and support each other, I am a part of that community and it has helped me massively. My university experience would have been extremely isolating and lonely but thanks to Recovery Connections and Teesside University, I had somewhere to go, I felt like I belonged on a university campus. 

Teesside University has an array of support services on campus but they also work closely with local external services. I found Recovery Connections during Freshers with their free hot coffee bike; students love free stuff but when I found out it was in exchange for a conversation about recovery, I was shocked. I had a lovely conversation with a person who was also in recovery, telling me that Teesside uni is recovery friendly and support is available on campus. For any students at Teesside that need support, there’s a community at Teesside University willing to help.

To get in touch with the Recovery Connections on Campus team, use the contact details below or message them on social media.

01642 351976